Good Liquid Handling and Pipetting, Automated Sample Prep and Detection Hands-On Workshop

Helping you effectively use automation to achieve Compliance, Regulations, Standards, Policies, Validation, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), Optimizations, Best Practices, Business Processes, and more for Bioprocessing, High Throughput Screening, Assay Development, Drug Discovery and Development, DNA and Protein Analysis, Biomarkers, Sample Preparation, Testing, and many more life science applications.

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  • Introduction to Volume Verification
  • Options for Verification
  • Volume Verification Testing and Calibration
  • Good Liquid Handling Practices
  • Liquid Classes
  • Gilson Pipetmax
  • Perkin Elmer Automation Liquid Handlers
  • BioTek Spectrophotometer
  • Manual Pipettes
  • Good Liquid Handling™ QC Kit for Liquid Verification and Calibration

This course is meant for managers and users of pipetting, readers, and laboratory automated equipment such as Researchers, Forensics and Clinical Techs, Chemists, Sample Preparers, Biologists, Product Developers, Service/Application Engineers, QA/QC users, Lab Techs and Managers, Sales Representatives, Users planning to purchase liquid handling or detection equipment.

  • Master the terminology and methods of automated liquid handling
  • Practice optimal pipetting techniques
  • Understand reagent & chemical compatibility issues
  • Become familiar with validation/QC testing techniques & options
  • Learn proper decontamination techniques
  • Operate real liquid handling robots with liquids of various sample types and handling characteristics