Asset Management

  • Our team posseesses strong knowledge in Asset Management.
  • We offer global asset management services to inventory and design your asset tracking system.
  • Our qualification performance tracking and calibration management software GLHTracker integrates with most asset management systems.
  • We are certified in IBM Maximo and assist you with facility management needs.
  • Our experts knowledge in Oracle, SAP, and Service Now and assisted in implementing and designing large asset management systems.
  • We are ITIL certified.
  • We also offer training in asset management.
  • One of our best reference is the US Navy where we have helped develop the Naval Asset Management Enterprise system (NAMES) and the Biomedical Asset Management system (BAM)
  • We have trained many users Pentagon, DOD, DOE, Army Corp of Engineers, Analog Devices, Milipore, Wyatt and many more.
  • We offer you our open source platform.
  • We offer a licensed version to asset management system with support.
  • We offer third party support.
  • We offer consultation and knowledge transfer.
Please contact us for your asset management needs.