SLAS 2020


Booth #2014

We will be demonstrating our new Universal Validation Reference Plate (VRP) that efficiently creates a standard curve effortlessly and is free of any operator error.

Also, we will be demonstrating how to achieve pathlength independence and minimal evaporation with the Good Liquid handling (GLH) modified Tartrazine based single dye system.

We will be demonstrating the new features of our cloud software like:

  • Performance Qualification (PQ) instrument history visualizations
  • Direct data feeds from plate readers into the cloud
  • JSON integration with popular reporting software

View reports generated showing well to well variation comparative reports:

  • Artel Versus GLH at Roche (presenting @SLAS2020)
  • Artel Versus GLH compared by various local pharmaceutical and research facilities
  • Artel, GLH, and Hamilton LVK at Roche comparison (presented @ SLAS2018)
  • Mantis single channel Nano liter dispensing for various use cases

We will be presenting our poster that will show our single dye method stability under typical lab conditions. In addition, our industry collaborators show GLH use cases such as improved serial dilution characterization for qPCR using GLH.

The poster will be pinned up by Monday Feb. 3rd at noon till Wednesday end of show.

Abstract #824612 and Poster #1286-B

Title : Controlling Automation Trainer’s Good Liquid Handling (GLH) modified tartrazine-based single-dye method in qualification of automated liquid handlers and pipettes for use in industry applications

in qualification of automated liquid handlers and pipettes for use in industry applications

Abcam Inc., Roche, Stanford University, Automation Trainer LLC

When you have a moment please come to our booth for one of our workshop demonstrations.

Contact us for our booth workshop schedule from Monday-Wednesday or
Request a private and personalized workshop demonstration.

Sat, 25 Jan, 2020 – Wed, 29 Jan, 2020

Location: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, United States