About Automation Trainer

Company History

Automation Trainer LLC. , as well as its products and services, were developed by Professor Petar Stojadinovic (left) & Professional Engineer Douglas Gurevitch  (below), based on their experience in  industry and academia, and in short  courses taught at scientific meetings and
tradeshows (e.g. SLAS, Pittcon, etc.).

They found most users of automated liquid  handling systems, acutely aware of the  impact of transfer volume accuracy and  precision on data quality.

But they also felt an uneasiness among some technologists, on how to perform volume verification, due to what they felt, was the lack of an ideal solution. Users and the literature reports,  that single-dye home brews can lead to errors and inconsistencies, which can vary from person to person,  depending on the technique of those creating the dye solutions. And some users complained, that the existing
commercial dual-dye method, was complicated and costly.

As automation engineers, the solution that made the most sense to Petar & Doug, was something in the middle. A simple, single dye method, that has been proven, well-documented and widely accepted—but optimized and made more convenient. Quality could be ensured by manufacturing
the dye solutions in a controlled and inspected environment.

Today these reagent kits, related services and training, are available directly from Automation Trainer.

Reagent Kit Manufacturing

Automation Trainer reagents are manufactured within an ISO Certified, FDA inspected medical reagent manufacturing facility.

FDA approved ingredient, single-dye reagents are safe, easy to use and available in pillow packs with a (1) one year shelf life. Original Reagent Kits, can be resupplied with a la carte pillow packs as required. Custom end-user kits and supplies are available to build your own-end-user test package, for the way you’d like to test your liquid handler. Quantity discounts available.

Beyond the reagents, methods and software supplied by Automation Trainer, all other support supplies have been sourced from reputable manufacturers with an eye on controlling our costs and yours. The result is a turn-key solution, using proven methods, that is convenient to use and cost-effective.

90-day, satisfaction guarantee.

Metrological Traceability

Volume verifications and Calibrations performed with Automation Trainer Reagent Kits, provide metrological traceability when used with a calibrated, NIST traceable plate reader, calibrated manual hand pipette and ISO 17025 calibration services. Reagent Kits use similar (and improved) methods, as those found in ISO IWA 15 “Specification and method for the determination of performance of automated liquid handling systems,” and have been used in Clinical, Forensic, RNA Manufacturing, Research, Pharma, Biotech, Academic, and other labs. Cloud-based software is in NIST 800-53 Security Compliant.