Cost effective Service Agreements and Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Preventative Maintenance we provide is intended to

  • Repair whenever possible to extend the life of your instrument investment
  • Provide timely accurate work to produce reproducible results
  • Keep your liquid handling instruments well-performing condition to help you stay focused on the science
  • Improve assay automation through procedure and process design and application programming

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What is IQ/OQ Service?

The instrument installation Qualification/Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) service provides functional verification of mechanical and electrical operation as well as pipetting performance at the time of installation of a new instrument or used system (IQ) or for instruments currently in use (OQ).

* IQ/OQ Service is performed solely by factory and service trained technical service representatives

* During an OQ visit, consumables goods are replaced. These items include: tubing, valves, and syringe caps. Additionally, up to two syringes and two fixed tip adapters will be included and replaced as needed.

* Mechanical and Electrical checks are conducted and documented

* Pipetting performance verification is conducted, evaluated, and documented

Why is PM and IQ/OQ service important?

Confirms instrument performance

Adds user confidence in properly using equipment as intended

Helps report results and bring them into compliance

Provides an independent system evaluation without bias or conflict of interest

Provides customer time and cost savings

Provides a proven track record or tracked results and helps identify issues preemptively

We do pre-assessments that is conducted to identify the need for service to help save the customer time and money.

Please see our test and regent kits.

We offer PM Kits with parts we manufacture.