PITTCON 2018 Presentation(s)

QC and Calibration Approaches for Determining Reproducible results

Automated Liquid Handling (ALH) equipment is an increasingly essential component of life science and chemical laboratories. Used to boost the productivity, repeatability of volume transfers, ALH must be optimized to achieve precision and accuracy in liquid delivery. To address user needs, we have reviewed various liquid handling quality assurance measurement systems for validating, volume verification, and calibration. Based on years of practical laboratory experience training thousands of students, we surveyed many of our students and asked which methods they use, prefer, and find most useful. We look at various dye based methods in DMSO and aqueous solutions and gravimetric methods. We shall look at equipment specifications, liquid classes, and volume operating ranges with statistics behind processing and evaluating results. We discuss the lab demand and user pains with each method. Significant scientific/market needs and regulatory obligations will be discussed. We shall present the types of users utilizing ALHs that require calibration presenting statistical data on accuracy and precision: that reveal instrument capabilities to perform actual pipetting within specifications requiring minimal setup time. We shall also look at efficiency and cost effective methods for calibrating equipment in the field for site or factory acceptance. Users as in Forensics need optimum performance out of their equipment to not experience process cost impacts with validated processes for QA/QC assuring proper functionality after every service call, install, move, and operation. In summary, we shall look at satisfying user driven needs, compliances and regulatory with NIST traceability, ISO certifications, good practices, techniques, and validated methods.

Monday March 6, 2017

11:05AM CST

Bioanalytical Techniques Session

Methodology Physical Measurements or Process Analytical Techniques


Lab Automation, Calibration, Bioanalytical, Quality Control

  • Petar Stojadinovic, GoodPipetting.com/Automation Trainer LLC
  • Dr. John Coller, Functional Genomics Group, Stanford University
  • William Herms, Senior Biologist Automation Trainer LLC
  • Kang Fong, Manfucturing and Medical Device Engineer, Automation Trainer LLC,
  • Dr. Martin¬†Neuenschwander,¬†Institute of Molecular Pharmacology FMP, Robert Larkin, Manufacturing Engineer, CalibrexDX