Real-time Monitoring of in Process Laboratory Experimentation and Review of Laboratory Asset and Facility Management Systems

Laboratory Management or Informatics Session(s)

An automated laboratory strives to monitor processes and track inventory such as compound libraries and equipment. With governance and the push to get drugs on the market faster,IT infrastructure must tie the labs closer to their business. We are presenting novel and easy to use technologies that are scalable, flexible, profit enhancing, and cost effective approach to laboratory real time performance monitoring. We have been adopting use of integrated lab standards like AniML and CAN open-based device profiles. The system is queried with instrument usage, experimentation progress, lab performance, throughput, downtime, frequency of use, time to validate, reagent use etc. In addition, we will be discussing log gathering and analysis of laboratory systems. We will overview Laboratory Asset and Facility Management Systems on the market and provide you with the parameters and requirements needed in choosing a system and managing a system. Systems that will be demonstrated are free open source systems and well supported systems such as IBM Maximo. A review of user and industry required system features and components such as Calibration, Purchasing, Inventory, Contracts, Service, Preventative Maintenance, Repair, and other modules relevant to the laboratory business. We will demonstrate tools available for automated calibration, validation, work ordering ,PM, service reporting, inventory, procurement, auto-discovery, asset tracking, data tracking, and remote control.

Monday February 26, 2018

3:45PM CST

Room 250C

  • Petar Stojadinovic, Automation Trainer LLC
  • Dr. John Coller, Functional Genomics Group, Stanford University
  • William Herms, Senior Biologist Automation Trainer LLC
  • Robert Dyer, Bentley Advisors
  • Methodology Laboratory Informatics
Laboratory Management
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