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Liquid Handlers
  Discovery   MultiChannel Pipetting  
These versatile liquid handling platforms can be integrated with a wide choice of robotic arms and application modules for all your pipetting requirements. The compact and cost effective for various applications.

Increase the throughput of your laboratory with multichannel pipetting.

Small Volume Dispenser
Bulk Dispensers
Accelerate the discovery process in your laboratory with small volume fast delivery. Offers fully automated microplate processing and includes state-of-the art reader, washer and incubation units.

Clinical is pipetting platform for clinical diagnostic applications offering flexibility and fast set-up of application configurations.

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Dynamic Devices Liquid Handling & Robotics Equipment

Our innovative liquid handling technologies are flexible and reliable. Their advanced designs will bring improved efficiency and safety to almost any life science laboratory workflow.

Our extensive product line for automation is suitable for applications within the life science and diagnostic markets.
We offer the most flexible pipetting platform available today providing you with the tools you need to automate your laboratory research. In addition, we provide numerous standardized and validated packaged solutions for specific applications.