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Liquid Handling and Robotics


Reader and Washers



Microarray Products

Our innovative technologies increase your throughput and bring improved efficiency and safety to almost any laboratory application. Our innovative bench top microplate instruments are known worldwide for their performance. The broad portfolio of flexible and modular solutions will offer you a tailor made instrument for your specific requirements.

Microarray scanner and automated hybridization station for reproducible, high quality results

HP D300 Digital Dispenser




This benchtop instrument creates dose response curves with ultimate flexibility while saving time, minimizing waste of valuable compounds and accelerating drug discovery. We are a world-leading supplier of high quality OEM products for laboratory automation instruments, including pumps, valves, and robotic sample processors.

We have a variety of packages to suit your application requirements and help you get the most from your instrument.


We offer a range of consumables, manufactured to rigorous quality standards, to help keep your automation systems running perfectly.

Platform based systems, systems from scratch and Cavro® OEM Components

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Liquid Handling & Robotics

Our innovative liquid handling technologies are flexible and reliable. Their advanced designs will bring improved efficiency and safety to almost any life science laboratory workflow.

Our extensive product line for automation is suitable for applications within the life science and diagnostic markets.
We offer the most flexible pipetting platform available today providing you with the tools you need to automate your laboratory research. In addition, we provide numerous standardized and validated packaged solutions for specific applications.